Ch. Totana's Bronze of Piper Hill

Ch Totana's Bronze of Piper Hill
Breeders - F & B Lopez
Owners - J Nova & A Mercado

1987 GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch ROM

1988 GV Ch Piper Hill's Polo ROM

Piper Hill's Kodachrome ROM
Ch Totana's Bronze of Piper Hill

Ch Amber's Stockbroker ROM

1990 GV Ch Amber's Rosie of Bracewood ROM

  Ch Carolina of BobLyn

GSDC of America---1992---Futurity Victor

"The Futurity Dog, Totana’s Bronze of Piper Hill, is very sound, clean both ends with adequate movement. He is as fine a dog as she is a bitch in all aspects except movement. Bitch is compact, clean coming and going, nice feet, beautiful topline at any speed. Beautiful type. Both had correct sexual characteristics. She out-moved the dog. Beautiful front and rear. Goose bumps; head down, lowers body. Full extension front and rear. No wasted motion. "

~ Richard Whalen

GSDC of America---1993---Select #5

"a large black and reddish stallion-like male with lots of attitude. He has a good strong head with dark eyes and well-set ears. An excellent moving dog on both loose and tight lead, and is good coming and going."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas


GSDC of America---1994---Select #7

"another large, black and light tan of pleasing outline. Strong head, good back, nice appearance. A moderate, strong mover, balanced but not extreme. Clean."

~ Ed Barritt

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