2004/05/06 Select
Ch. TR's Antonio ROM

3x Select Ch. TR's Antonio ROM
71799G25M-PI EL17785M25-PI
Breeder/Owner: Lucille M. Nordenstrom 
DOB: 04/05/03

Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM
Select Ex. Ch. Welove DuChiens Patriot
WeLove DuChien's Heather ROM
3x Select Ch. TR's Antonio ROM
Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo
Ch. TR's Quinella V Kenlyn
TR's Pandora v Kenlyn

GSDC of America --- October 13th, 2004 --- Best Opposite in Futurity

"An outstanding young dog. He has a beautiful outline standing or set up. He carries a great back and topline on loose or tight lead and has a powerful, ground covering side gait. Clean at both ends, very masculine and has a nice temperament. He should have an outstanding show career."

~ Rita Sandell

"This powerhouse came into the ring like he was the only dog in the world. What a stallion! Even though he was all over the place, I thought nothing could beat him. As I compared him to the Futurity Bitch though, I had to give her the nod. Both are lovely dogs. I loved her under-drive and follow-through as she kept her feet close to the ground."

~ Gloria Birch


GSDC of America --- October 14th, 2004 --- American Bred Dog

"I think this is a "once-in-a-lifetime dog" for the fortunate breeder/owner. He takes command of the ring, and you have to look at him. If I were to change anything about him, it would be that he have a little stronger ears. He has correct proportions and is extremely balanced front and rear. His angulation is extreme, and he is sound coming and going, with a short iron back. There were so many beautiful typey males in this class. I hated to excuse any of them."

~ Gloria Birch

GSDC of America --- October 16th, 2004 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"It was trilling to watch the winners of the classes gait into the ring. They were this year's cream of the crop. I selected each one with loving care, and I was proud to be a part of the finale. I was not sure how it would play out, but I knew after the first go round that the winner would be one of three dogs. I wanted to pick a dog that I would want to take home. A dog with a strong outgoing temperament. A dog who would do no harm to the breed. One who would have outstanding qualities that would help to improve the breed. I chose the America Bred Go. He is a stallion. He has a short back, with a high wither, and powerful legs. He gives the appearance of a ballet performer flying across the stage. He is very angulated at both ends. Only a dog with his proportions can cover the ground as efficiently and as smoothly without lifting in front or kicking up in the rear. It was truly an honor and privilege to have him shown under me."

~ Gloria Birch


GSDC of America --- October 16th, 2004 --- Select #10

" This is the handsome young dog that was the Winners Dog. All he needs is maturity to become a top Select dog in my opinion. An outreaching sidegait and being clean coming and going will help him achieve this. Scott Yergin and this dog make a great pair."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of of San Antonio --- March 6, 2005 --- Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"His movement is outstanding; Very athletic, with strong ligamentation, very good condition. One ear not perfect, eye could be somewhat darker. A wonderful length & lay back of the blade, long upper arm, set on at the right angle. Opened up freely in the forequarter, very impressed with the power from the rear. Drove well under the body and finished with a full follow through, he opened up the angle of the lower thigh completely. Back was strong, he leveled out as he gaited, no change when exhibited on a loose lead. This dog suspends visibly with grace and ease. I was not at the National where he was winners dog but I do agree with the judge there that stated he was "like a ballet dancer" Graceful and cat like yet powerful. A shoulder seldom seen on males these days Unless something very unforeseen happens believe this dog is destine for a very special career. "

~ Nancy Harper


GSDC of Canada --- September 2005 --- Grand Victor

~ Dr. Robert Kish


GSDC of America --- November 1st, 2005 --- Best in Maturity

"My Maturity Dog was shown to perfection in a quality-filled class of nine males. This male was easy, smooth and effortless in his gait around the ring. He is an eye catching, very handsome black and tan male of excellent proportion. This dog has a lovely nice and a very masculine head piece that is not coarse or overdone. Being superb over the croup, balanced at both ends with an excellent should, wonderful reach and strong, clean rear follow through, he never pulled or tired during the class. He is an easy, fluid mover and hard to fault. Holding a firm topline he smoothly capture the Maturity Dog laurels. He has excellent temperament. This dig, in my opinion, speaks myriads to the breed... a GSD to be reckoned with, in harmony with the standard."

~ Debra Ann Hokannen


GSDC of America --- November 5th, 2005 --- Select #9

~ Mr. Ken Downing


GSDC of Canada --- September 2006 --- Select #3

~ Dr. Morton Goldfarb


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Select #12

~ Helen Franklin


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2007 --- Select Excellent #2

"Solid back with high wither, down and back good. Coordinated side gait with a bit less front extension than #1."

~ Ed Barritt

2008 Register of Merit Sire

Ch. Mattrace's Affirmed
Hckryhills-Mattrace's Skirt
Ch. Karizma's Tuscany
Sel. Ex. Ch. Lorien's Patron
Ch. Mattrace's Affirmed
Hickory Hill's Matraces Skirt
Ch. Precious Von Bleibtreu Regency
Ch. Richterslust Danube v Sunfarm
Ch. Tamar's Repo Man of Kaleef
  Ch. Paris von Bleibtreu
Ch. Lou-Ro's San San Antonio v Dershimer