Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique CD ROM

Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique CD ROM
OFA GS-1935
Breeders: Cappy Pottle & Al Gibson
Owners: Cappy Pottle, Jean Stevens and Gloria Birch

V Valet v. Busecker Schloss SchH III

Gauss v. Stauderpark

Itti v. Strober Hay SchH III
Ch. -Tucker Hill's Angelique ROM

Ch. Treu v. Wolfstock ROM

Jodi of Tucker Hill

  Golden Gwen of Tucker Hill CD

GSDC of America National Specialty Show Results for Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique:

GSDC of America --- 1970--- Maturity Victrix & Select #2

GSDC of America --- 1972---Select #2

GSDC of America --- 1973---Select #3

GSDC of America --- 1974---Select #4

GSDC of America --- 1975 --- Select #8

GSDC of America --- 1976---Select #3

GSDC of America --- 1977---Select #6

1974 Register of Merit Report

"Angel is well known to the fancy as she has appeared in the Specials class at our National Specialty Shows and always shows the most marvelous attitude gaiting untiringly around the ring enjoying every moment.  Angel's spectacular "spice litter" earned her her ROM title.  She has two Champion progeny and two more who are nearing their titles.  Angel was bred by Cappy Pottle and Al Gibson and is owned by Cappy, Jean Stevens and Gloria Birch.  She is still a young bitch and will hopefully produce many more offspring of excellent quality for her proud breeders and owners."

~Connie Beckhardt

1976 GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM
Ch. Covy's Tartar of Tucker Hill
Ch. Covy's Tarragon of Tucker Hill
Ch. Covy's Caraway of Tucker Hill
Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hills ROM
Covy-Tucker Hill's Zinfandel ROM
Ch Covy's Picasso of Tucker Hill
Ch. Covy-Tucker's Apache Tear
  Ch Covy's Toulouse of Tucker Hill  

1977 Register of Merit Dam Report

"... a truly great Shepherd she is.  You will all remember the six times Select Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique CD at our National Specialty Shows.  She displayed the endurance and agility and desire to please of a true working dog in the Best of Breed Competition at nine years of age.  Angel is the dam of the 1976 GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker hill and of two other Select bitches from the famous "Spice" Litter.  Her progeny sired by the GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan are making quite a mark for themselves as Producers and will surely follow in the footsteps of their famous sire and dam.  We congratulate her owners, Cappy Pottle, Jean Stevens and Gloria Birch on owning the Highest Living R.O.M. Dam."


1978 Register of Merit Dam Report

"Once again our HIGHEST LIVING R.O.M. DAM is the 7 times Select Winner Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique C.D.  Angel now has added an R.O.M. sire, Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill to her fabulous record as a producer.  She is the dam of Grand Victrix Ch. Covy's Rosemary of tucker Hill as well as two other select bitches.  She has 5 Champion progeny and two other winning progeny besides her new R.O.M. son Reggie.  This very special bitch is owned by Cappy Pottle, Jean Stevens and Gloria Birch and she receives all the great love she is entitled to each day of her life."

~Connie Beckhardt


1995 Dams of Distinction Report

"7x Sel. Ch. Tucker Hill's Angelique CD, ROM is not only extraordinarily influential in our breed but, like her house mate, Contessa, she was most beloved and devoted to us. Dogs aren't records or what they do for you, they are special beings that enrich our lives. Angel did all of that, not only for Gloria and me, personally, for Covy-Tucker Hill, but also for many, many people by giving them a legacy of bloodlines that have been and continue to be outstanding in temperament and intelligence, beautiful in type, genetic purity and sound structure and a beautiful suspending gait. Angelic is the other of Register of Merit progeny: Rosemary, Tartar, Zinfandel and Oregano. This combination of Harrigan (Lance/Melissa) and Angelique is a dominant influence and passed down through countless champion in our breed. All from a branch of an endless tree of immense influence: Angelique's daughter, Rosemary, especially through her sons Mazarati and Manhattan, sons: Oregano and Zinfandel through Sel. Ch. Durano; Crusader, Dakota, Heart Breaker, Hy-Jack, Don Quiote, Quik, Decision, Black Jack, Excalibur, Andretti, Mordecai are very influential. However, Angelique's greatest influence was probably through the incredible number of good female lines she produced through her daughters and sons."