Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightheat Kismet TC ROM

Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightheat Kismet ROM, TC
OFA H GS-53816G27F-T
Breeders: Michael-Robert Cheeks & R. Kish
Owners: Michael-Robert Cheeks
DOB: May 30, 1996

Toro of Jeanden

1996 GV Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightheat Kismet ROM TC

Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Altana ROM

Ch. Trafalger's Heat of the Night

  Amber's Kelley

GSDC of America --- November 1997 --- 12 to 18 Month Bitch

"Black and tan, a bit large with correct proportions, very sound, firm ligamentation and a good honest side gaiter.

~ Rosalind Schaefer

GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #9

"Medium pigmented black and tan of good proportions. Good secondary sex characteristics, sound coming and going, feet and pasterns very good, sidegait very good. Keeps feet close to the ground, finishes well behind, reaches very well in front. Croup is a bit steep. Neck could be a bit longer and she is a bit large. Overall, this is an excellent bitch."

~ Fred Migilore

2003 Register of Merit Dam

2002 WB Select Ch. TRAFALGARís Pacific Cha ROMi
Select Excellent Ch. TRAFALGARís Premium Blend
TRAFALGARís Special Blend
TRAFALGARís Music of the Night