Ch. T.R.'s Quinella v Kenlyn ROM

Ch. T.R.'s Quinella v Kenlyn ROM
Breeders/Owners:  Lucille M. Nordstrom & Lynette Boyles
DOB: April 14th, 2000

  Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v Fran-Jo

Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo

Rebbecca of Fran-Jo Decathlon
Ch. T.R.'s Quinella v Kenlyn ROM
  Ch. Shokrest Presidio ROM

TR's Pandora v Kenlyn ROM

TR's Jade v KenLyn

GSDC of America---November 9th, 2001---Open Bitch & Winners Bitch

"What a thrill it is when a bitch of this quality comes gaiting into your ring.  It was all over.  Totally sound in every aspect, long striding movement, no wasted motion at all.  Totally functioning rear with hocks that open correctly, feet are never very far off the ground and she moves with total ease.  She is a littermate to the Bred-By-Class Winner (TR's Quintessential v Kenlyn).  Congratulations to the Breeder/Owners of these fine bitches."

-Lew Bunch

2006 Register of Merit Dam

  3X Select Ch. TR's Antonio ROM
  Ch. Kenlyn's Big Shot v Sun Farms
Ch. Kenlyn's Bela v Kaleef
TR's Brenna v Kenlyn