V Sultan v. Blasienberg SchH3 Kkl 1

V Sultan v. Blasienberg SchH3 Kkl 1
Litter mate to Samson and Seffe v. Blasienberg.
Born:  March 26th, 1922
Breeder: Tobias Ott


Curt Morgensonne

Caro v. Blasienberg (a.k.a. British Ch. Caro of Welham)

Centa v. Michelsburg

V Sultan v. Blasienberg SchH3 Kkl 1

Werder v. Hermariengen

Wanda v. Blasienberg HGH

Christel v. Heidecksberg

  • V Otlan Blasienberg

"Sultan v. Blasienberg became one of the studs in the valuable Fortunate Field Kennels experiment. He was 'marvelously trainable'--although he was gun shy, a trait which he passed on to this progeny, he was 

sound in character in all other respects, had a great willingness to please, trainability and type, and was invaluable in the production of basic stock to further the Fortunate Fields program in which working qualities were paramount."

-Author Unknown