Ch. Su-Bo's Checkers

Ch. Su-Bo's Checkers

Breeder/Owner - Frank T. Dusek
DOB: December 13th, 1963

Ch. Krisquier's Dummer Hannes (Cuno son)

Ch. Baron v Haus Schuler UDT

Astrid v Haus Schuler (Ingo daughter)
Ch. Su-Bo's Checkers

Ch. Kurt v Bid-Scono ROM

Hessian's Robina ROM

  Hessian Exakta's Image (Alert x Exakta)

GSDC of America---1966---Bred By Exhibitor Dog, Best of Winners & Select #7

"A 2 1/2 year old substantial black and tan of good type and general appearance. He is a bit long in loin, yet he displayed a strong back and held up extremely well considering that he came from the classes. He is a bit short in croup, which restricted his follow-through behind. I put him over the winners bitch because of better shoulder placement and soundness in front."

-Ernest Loeb

GSDC of Detroit --- November 26, 1967 --- Best of Breed

" My Best of Winners Bodo vom Lierberg was great to the point of near perfection, nevertheless I selected Ch. Su Bo's Checkers for Best of Breed. His conformation standing was excellent and in motion he was true and clean coming and going away. His side gait, at a walk or at a fast trot around the very difficult corners was something to behold. Many times the dogs were forced off the mats and onto the concrete, but this boy showed no concern whatever placing each foot with unerring confidence. I do not recall ever having seen a large German Shepherd Dog shown indoors on a concrete floor look better."

~ W. Winfield Smith