Am./Can. Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM, ROMC

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM
OFA GS-11841
Breeder/Owner: I. Vyprachitcky
February 22nd, 1980-June 21st, 1991

  Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

Ch. Lochwood Sundance v Stuttgart

Ch. Lochwood's Zaja
Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM

  Galewynd's TNT of Gan Eden

GSDC of America---1981---Select #8

"Medium size dog with good close coupling and excellent short back. Nicely balanced although not extreme at either end. Good muscle tone, dry working type. Strong head with good ears. Excellent side gait with good push from the rear and good transmission through his back. Has some tendency to roach over the loin while in motion. Reasonably clean coming and going."

--Ralph Roberts

July, 1982---Best of Breed

"Beautiful masculine male, a picture when standing, excellent topline, nice side movement, clean coming and going, could use cleaner follow through from the rear but an ideal specimen."

--Fred Schmidtke

GSDC of America---1982---Select #8

"2 year old striking, large black and cream dog. Is very substantial, good head with a strong back. Would like to see a slightly better layback of shoulder, longer croup and a tail with the end slightly turned hook, which detracts from the general appearance. Could show a better front reach. Sound temperament."

--Ernest Loeb

GSDC of America---1983---Select #5

"Black and tan, medium size dog was difficult to judge... At this show he did not perform as well. Standing he was gorgeous. On movement he would start out well then bunch up and roach in the rear, then straighten out. Very muscular in beautiful condition. Strong masculine head. Sound coming and going. Beautiful balanced animal with very good side gait. Would like a little more extension. Good underdrive with very nice rear and short back."

--Helen Miller Fisher

1983 Register of Merit Sire


GSDC of Canada---1984---Select #2

"Medium to large light black and tan of pleasing outline but higher on leg. Has a masculine head but not the strength. In motion he showed good coordination but pulled too hard at times, distorting his outline. His topline was slightly roached during the class and he did not appear to be as good condition."

--Ed Barritt

December, 1984---Best of Breed

"A large richly pigmented dog. Possessed outstanding sex characteristics and oval bone formation. Shown in excellent condition. Very well angulated front and rear with a super period of suspension. Showed a beautiful outline both standing and in motion."

--Nick Sasso

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #5

"A richly pigmented black and tan male of good size. He has a beautiful head and expression, a nice neck and nice topline when standing. His hindquarter is well formed and nicely angulated. He is well filled-in in forechest and has a good shoulder. He has a very exuberant personality which is perhaps his problem for it seems impossible to get him to settle down in a smooth ground covering gait. He tends to have an unruly topline when in motion unless he is going at a very easy pace and his desire to fly around the ring makes it difficult to see him at his best."

-Connie Beckhardt

1988 ROM Sires

"Select Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM (more familarly known to us as Bear), tops our ROM Sire list as not only the Highest Living ROM Sire, but also the Highest Active ROM Sire. His points are nearing the points of the great producer Lance. Additionally, as I begin to code in 1989 points, Bear progeny are still doing a lot of winning. In coding this year's ROM Sires points, I found several interesting points I would like to share with you: Many of the dogs have multiple qualifiers from a singe bitch - many of the dogs have progeny that are winning at All-Breed Shows as well as Specialties - this year's candidates are somewhat older than the last several year's ROM's."

~ Kathy Potter
ROM Sires Chairman

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