Ch. Steinhaus Bo Jackson TC

Ch. Steinhaus Bo Jackson TC
OFA GS-300056G32M
Breeder: Anthony and Rosemary Motta & D. Fraenkel
Owners: Anthony and Rosemary Motta
March 17, 1989-February 14, 2001

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Dolmar's Kodiak

Dolmar's Yolaira
Ch. Steinhaus Bo Jackson TC

Mardon's Led Zepplin

Mardon's Pia of Steigerhaus

  Mardon's Juice Newton

GSDC of America---1991---Select #6


GSDC of America---1992---Select #5

"solid black with an excellent topline standing. Excellent shoulder, not quite matched in rear angulation. He has very good male characteristics. Big crowd pleaser while in motion, with an exciting flying trot. Drives well from the rear, but lifts a little too high in front, and loses some topline in motion. Could have stronger ligamentation, particularly in pasterns. But, he can sure fly from the side."

~ Ralph Roberts


GSDC of America --- November 1997 --- Veteran Dog


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