1986 Grand Victor
Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern ROM

1986 GV Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern ROM

Breeder: Arleen Keller & Mary Ann Imhoff
Owner: Arlene & Jerry Keller
DOB: May 20th, 1981

Ch. Kubistraum's Kane ROM

Ch. Sequel's Lonnie of Glisando ROM

Sequel's Chrissmiss
GV Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern ROM

GV Ch. Laugenau's Watson ROM

Knockout of Merivern ROM

  Traveler's Rising Sun

November 1982---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"Strong temperament, medium size, strong pigmented with pronounced sex characteristics.  Head and ears strong, eyes dark.  Coat normal length.  Proportions good.  Underline normal, croup length long and sloping.  Tail set normal.  Forequarter upper arm average shoulder long 90%.  Hindquarter: 90%, rear pastern is normal.  Dentition correct, scissor bite with strong teeth none were missing.  Clean coming and going.  Excellent side gait.  Hindquarter good.  Forequarter excellent.  Topline firm."

-Carmen Battaglia


Topline GSDC --- July 1983 ---Best of Breed

"Medium size black and tan male with strong pigment, pronounced sex characteristics.  Strong head and ears with dark eyes.  Coat normal length with good proportions and normal underline and back.  Croup length normal.  Average agility.  Tail set normal.  Fore upper arm and scapula average and 90%.  Hind angle 90% and rear pastern normal.  Pasterns strong and feet normal.  Correct bite, strong teeth.  Clean coming and going with excellent side gait, hindquarter and forequarter.  Overline firm."

-Carmen Battaglia


February 1983---Best of Breed

"A real standout in a class of 8.  Extremely handsome male that posed an outstanding picture of character and attititude when either posed or in motion.  A lot of maturity for such a young dog.  Very richly pigmented an excellent shoulder, firm back, sound temperament, scissor bite, excellent head.  Powerful ground covering gait yet easy balanced mover."

-Lew Bunch


GSDC of America---1983---Maturity Victor & Select #2

"Medium size, beautiful extremely exciting side mover, sound coming and going.  Rich dark pigment good bone, good topline, handsome expression and a fluid mover with extension and underdrive.  Decision between him and the now Grand Victor Ch. Sukee's Mannix was extremely close."

-Helen Miller Fisher

GSDC of America---1984---Select #2

"Medium size dark black and tan, excellent secondary sex characteristics, good back, very fluid with good suspension, very deep in body.  It was very close decision was based on the fact that Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen took less steps covering more ground with more desire to go on this day."

-Fran Ford

Illini GSDC---February 8th, 1985---Best of Breed

"I've judged him before, and in today's competition, one of the best. On a loose lead, nothing changes, and at a slow or medium trot, he is hard to beat. Not extreme, but with excellent balance and a flawless topline, he covers the ground with ease and efficiency. Medium sized and deep bodied, he is not everyone's favorite style, but it's quality that counts and he has it."

-Alan Sandell

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #4

"A beautifully pigmented, medium-sized black and tan male. He has a masculine, well shaped head with good expression, a well formed neck with a high wither and a good topline. His croup is well formed and his tail well set into the croup. He makes a beautiful picture standing and is very nice coming at you. He has a fluid ground covering gait but does not seem to have the same desire to perform as the dogs that preceded him: Ch. Ossipee Caesar v Clover Acres, Charisma's Stonewall Jackson, Chieftain's Kharu."

-Connie Beckhardt


1985 Register of Merit Sire


GSDC of America---1986---Grand Victor


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