Ch. Sequel's Lonnie of Glisando ROM

Ch. Sequel's Lonnie of Glisando ROM

Breeders: Arlene Keller & Gary Staser
Owner: Mrs. Arlene S. Keller
May 7, 1979

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Ch. Sequel's Lonnie of Glisando ROM

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GSDC of America---1980---Select Champion


GSDC of America---1981---Select #5

"Medium-large, good front with matching rear, a little shortness of croup. Good strong bones, nice depth of body. Good male head, nice eyes, and erect ears. Easy side gaiter, who became a little lazy at times in movement. Could use a little more strength of back. Fair coming and going."

~ Ralph Roberts


1984 Register of Merit Sire

"We are very proud to present Lonnie to you. We are very pleased with his accomplishments as a showman and a producer. He stated his show career with Gary Staser in the 6-9 puppy class and seven months later was the youngest male Champion to date on his thirteen month birthday. He then proceeded to go Select V under Ralph Roberts after touring Tulsa on his own for fifteen hours.

Lonnie is a masculine, medium sized male, plush coated, and deeply pigmented dog. He produces type, intelligence and the desire to show and please. He also improves ligamentation and fore-assembly."

-Owner: Arelene Keller

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