1981 Grand Victor
Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan ROM

Am/Can. GV Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan ROM

Breeders/Owners: Mimi and Art Saltz

Ch. Gabriel of Gan Edan

Ch. Ozark of Gan Edan ROM

Andoro's Aria
GV Ch. Sabra Dennis of Gan Edan ROM

Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo ROM

Fran-Jo's Dawn of Gan Edan ROM

Lonnie of Jo-Mar

May 1980---Winners Dog

"Black and tan that is well muscled and shows excellent developed.  Excellent secondary sex characteristics.  He has good proportions and elastic easy ground covering gait.  Excellent specimen of the breed."

-Carmen Battaglia

May 1980---Winners Dog

"Very nice black and tan that is pleasing to look at when posed, outreaching and coordinated in motion, showing smoothness tight or loose.  He may distort his outline at times because of his desire to perform but when he settled down he is a very pleasing mover.  He has a firm back and nice topline."

-Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1980---Maturity Victor

"Most exciting dog.  Large black and tan dog with excellent front reach and rear drive.  Sound from all angles.  A stallion dog with unquestionable masculinity and perfect coordination.  Loose or tight lead made no difference.  Minor faults, he has a miniature skin roll over the loin and he tends to be a shade wide when going away these deviations were most evident if the dog pulled too hard."

-Fred Migliore

GSDC of America--1980---Select #3

"Excellent side moving dog, medium size, exhibited a bounce over the croup, very wide going away, appeared to be letting down in the front the more he gaited.  in lovely coat and body weight."

-Kathleen Steen

GSDC of America---1981---Grand Victor

"Excellent sex characteristics and pigment, stallion type male with strong head, dark eye, good reach of neck.  Excellent shoulder with good topline with a strong back, high withers, some shortness in croup.  excellent bone substance and depth of body.  Strong sweeping rear angulation, short hock and nice tight feet, powerful male in motion, strong back into his shoulder and reaches forward to gobble up the ground.  Follows through well with no kick up behind.  Worthy of his title."

-Ralph Roberts

1984 Register of Merit Sire

Ch. Bar of Gan Edan
Campaigner's Jaclyn of Andoro
Ch. Bobara's Dragster of Gan Edan
Ch. Ari Ben Sabra Gan Edan Bobara
Ch. Eko-Lan's Wracker
Eko-Lan's America's Beauty
Ch. Rallye of Gan Edan
Ch. Maplewood's Wind Dancer
Eaglerock's Autumn Gold
Ch. Proven Hill's Reward CD
Proven Hill's Bee Gee of Br' wood
Ch Keggi Fairs Bacharach
  Schokrest Covy-Tucker Hill's Jr.
Ch. Covy Tucker Hill's Barbarosa
  Von Kay's Jemstone
Von Kay's Sassafras
Woodridge Wind v Rollingreen
Ch. Subjo's Sentry

  Indicates a member of the 13-Club