Ch. Sweet Dixie of Friendshipe

Ch. Sweet Dixie of Friendshipe
1971 Canadian Grand Victrix
July 15, 1967

Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Jesse James ROM

Ch. Nether-Lair's Gayeity ROM
Ch. Sweet Dixie of Friendshipe

Ch. Radulph of Summerdale
  Curta of Friendshipe Acres ROM
    Ch. Kobeil's Ulla

GSDC of America---1969---1st American Bred Bitch


GSDC of Canada---1971---Best of Breed--Grand Victrix

"In the Best of Breed Competition, American Champion Sweet Dixie of Friendshipe, an American Champion Doppelt-Tay's Jesse James R.O.M. daughter, gaited her way to the front of the Specials Class to become our 1971 Best of Breed winner and our club's Canadian Grand Victrix. This beautiful bitch is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rebustillo of Miami, Florida and was capably handled by Mr. James Moses."

-Mr. Irvin Apelbaum