Select Ch. Stonewall's Lookaliker

Select Stonewall's Lookaliker

Breeder:  L. & A. Hathaway
Owner: Ian & Kim McKechnie & Abbey Hathaway
DOB: 03/09/08

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Select Stonewall's Lookaliker
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Stonewall's Forte

Mohawk Hudson GSDC --- April 19, 2009 --- Winners Bitch & Best of Winners

"Wow Wow Wow! She is a beautifully proportioned dark sable bitch with a dark eye, strong ear and correct ear carriage. Sprting a beautiful shoueder with excellent reach and drive, she was breathtaking as she traversed the ring. She coveres the maxiumu amount of ground with the minimum amount of effort. She has a lovely graceful neckline that so smoothly marries the wether to the strong back, ending with a correct croup and tailset. Her temperament is excellent. She has an essence that is unmistakable as she makes her presence known in harmony with the Breed standard. Lovely to look at; a pleasure to judge."

~ Deb Hokkanen


GSDC of America --- October 14, 2009 --- Select #9

~ Dave Rinke


GSDC of America --- October 2010 --- Select #12


~ Barbara Amidon