1955 Grand Victrix
Ch. Solo Nina of Rushagen CD ROM

1955 GV Ch. Solo Nina of Rushagen CD ROM
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Arnold

Ch. San Miguel's Illo of Rocky Reach ROM

Ch. Lorian of San Miguel CD

GV Ch. Leda v. Liebestraum ROM
1955 GV Ch. Solo Nina of Rushagen CD ROM

Ch. Drum of Long Worth

Ch. Simba v. Hagen CD

  Bamby of Gretana CDX

1962 Register of Merit Dam

"Nina's owner describes her as "a grand old lady" with still the enthusiasm of youth. I had the good fortune to judge Nina some years ago at the GSDC of Wisconsin Specialty when she and Ch. Ingo Wunschelrute ROM topped the breed. How well I remember the two of them as they stood in the late afternoon sun, beautiful and proud and young; Ingo already a Grand Victor and Nina to become Grand Victrix the next year."

-Margaret M. Megahan


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