Sin's Aint Miss Behavin ROM

Sin's Aint Miss Behavin ROM

Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice McWilliams

Ray Mor's Renowed Repeat (GV Alert x Nita ROM)

Santana's Attilla

Ch. Von Schrief's Portrait ROM
Sin's Aint Miss Behavin ROM

Ch. Imerial of Rocky Reach (Jolly Arno son)

My Sin by Du Sha

  Sabra of De Sha

1966 Register of Merit Dam

"Missy spent her too short but happy life as a real member of the McWilliams' family where she was playmate, baby sitter, and guardian to the four little McWilliams. She raised for litters - was an exceptional mother who lost only two out of 32 puppies. She was only six when she died from Nephritis - "It seems a shame that now when her moment of glory has come, she is not here."

Ch. Sin's Circe
Ch. Sin's Mardi Gras
Ch Sin's Make Mine Mink
Sin's Criss Cross
Sin's My Fair Lady