Ch. Sheerdeen's Martina

Ch. Sheerdeen's Martina 

Breeders - S K & S M Jasinski
Owners: E S Jasinski


Ch. San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM

Ch. Jo-San's Enterprise ROM

Ch. Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM
Ch. Sheerdeen's Martina 

Ch. Proven Hill's Up N' Adam ROM

Ch. Sheerdeen's Ulti v Blaeibtreu

Quiella v. Bleibtreu ROM

GSDC of America---1993---Select #3

"a nice, short coupled black and tan bitch with a good topline and croup. Nice, easy-moving gal, with a good period of suspension. Good coming and going. The longer she goes, the better she gets."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas


GSDC of America---1994---Select #12

"closer coupled, mostly black bitch. A bit straight in upper arm, but moves effectively. Good performer."

~ Ed Barritt