Sharleen's Untamed Heart

Sharleen's Untamed Heart

Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore TC, ROM

Ch. Weicho's Taj Mahal

Ch. Weicho's Fire Dance ROM

Sharleen's Untamed Heart

Ch. Schokrest Denver

Sharlen's Mya

Sharlen's Tracery Jimeni

GSDC of Los Angeles County---April 21st, 2002---Winners Bitch 

"Here was another class that had three of four very deserving bitches.  All of these bitches just performed beautifully.  The winner was nicely pigmented, with a strong head, dark eye, good alert expression, well placed ears, and excellent temperament.  She moved very, very close to the ground with no lifting and nice follow-through on the rear finish--no wasted motion from this bitch.  A back or iron (one of those on which you put a glass of water) and a short strong loin gave her great strength in her transmission.  Tight ligamentation and good muscle on this bitch.  As others began to give, this bitch came on strong and just never changed.  A solid, correct mover that fits the standard."

~ Nancy Harper