Ch. Schneiderhof's Highland's Princess HIC

Ch. Schneiderhof's Highland's Princess HIC

Breeder: Nancy & Jamie Schneider 
Owner: Nancy D. & Thomas D. Schneider
DOB: February 22, 1997

Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM

Ch. Schneiderhof's Highlander ROM

Kasanden's Cracklin Rosie
Ch. Schneiderhof's Highland Princess HIC

Ch. Handsome v Cypress

Schneiderhof's Mood Magic ROM

Ch. Schneiderhof's Elvira ROM

GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999 --- American Bred Bitch

"Dark black and tan bitch. Excellent back and topline. Clean coming and going. Good temperament. Very coordinated and outreaching sidegait. Would like a longer croup. She was in contention for Winners and Reserve. A lovely bitch."

~ Rita Sandell