Ch. Scherzar's Jelly Bean

Ch. Scherzar's Jelly Bean
OFA GS-30873G24F
Breeder/Owner - J Staley
March 7th, 1990 ~ October 16th, 2000

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GSDC of America --- 1991 --- Novice Bitch

"(16 entered - 14 shown) this is the litter sister to the Winners Dog. (Scherzar's Jordan) Black with red, gold, tan, good forechest, firm topline, good underline, and easy mover with good extension. Would like a little more length of stifle, beautiful head with dark eyes, and full dentition."

~ Helen Miller Fisher

2002 Red Book

"Jellybean or "Cherry" as we called her, was one of Scherzar's "J" litter including Select Ch. Scherzar's Jordan and Ch. Scherzar's Jamaica. There were a total of five in her litter, four bitches and one male - Ch. Jordan.
Cherry had three litters, one by Ch. Bihari's Houdinin, one by Ch. Jericho's Gatineau and one by Ch. Elvaston's National Trust. Houdini's litter produced on champion, one with 13 points with one major and a Futurity winner. The litter by Gatineau was unfortunate as we only had one male with both testicles and the two bitches had a bad elbow. The male with both testicles has 3 points at this time but is definitely not the best that his mother produced although he has produced progeny including a Maturity winner equal in quality to Ch. Jellybean. The litter of four by National Trust produced Ch. Scherzar's Zoris and Scherzar's Zeema and a very beautiful bitch who unfortunately lost part of an ear in a dog fight with an 'adult male' when she was a puppy.
Cherry has always produced full dentition, good bites, good backs, good hips, and most of the time good elbows. She has always produced beautiful type and outreaching gait.
She was a small bitch by today's standards -- a mere 23 1/2 inches and about 60 pounds. She was very black and red in color and occasionally produced that color but not with dominance. She lavishly gave her progeny her outstanding movement and beautiful type together with complete soundness."

Owner: Janice L. Staley

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