Ch. Scherzar's Fanfare PT HT

Ch. Scherzar's Fanfare PT HT
Breeders:  Janice Staley
Owners:  J. Macri & J. Staley & J. Root & N. Crome
DOB: May 9th, 1994

Ch. Scherzar's London Fog

Ch. Scherzar's Ace In The Hole, HT

Scherzar's Yum Yum
Ch. Scherzar's Fanfare PT HT

Ch. Leiter's Excalibur ROM
  Ch. Scherzar's Jamaica ROM

  Scherzar's Gigi ROM

GSDC of America---November 9th, 2001---Veteran Bitch

"I thought Veterans was for animals over 7 years old.  How did this 3 your old get into the class?  I swear that this wonderful, true-breed-type bitch acted like she was 3 and competing for points.  A real beauty.  So smooth in motion; a real credit to our breed."

-Lew Bunch