Scher-Lo's Ramblin' Rose

Scher-Lo's Ramblin' Rose
Breeder/Owners: Adeline Scherz; Nathalie Lowe

Scher-Lo's Lindenhill's Shooter

Ch. Scher-Lo's Jr. Executive

Scher-Lo's Heidi

Scher-Lo's Ramblin' Rose

Ch. Caralon's QED Sword v LeBarland

Tartan's Motion to Suppress

Tartan's Windsong


GSDC of Quad Cities---May 6, 2001---Winners Bitch

"Light black and tan, with a strong underjaw and good back skull.  A moderate bitch, yet moves with harmonious reach and follow through.  A good outline, and a picture of curves."

-Chris Walkowicz