Sascha Wikingerblut ROM

Sascha Wikingerblut ROM
Owners: William Sturgeon & Mary Roberts


Atlas v Dinas-Eck SchH III

V- Grimm Wikingerblut

Barbel v Wikingerblut SchH I
Sascha Wikingerblut ROM

Cuno vd Wiekau SchH III

V-Glocke Niedersachen

  Gera Preussenblut

1969 Register of Merit Report

"Leading our great parade for 1969 is SASCHA WIKINGERBLUT.  Sascha has earned 507 ROM points.  This tremendous figure makes her the second highest ROM bitch we have ever had.  She is topped only by Frigga of Silver Lane who leads our inactive ROM list with 511 points.  Sascha is an imported bitch out of a German V Dog and a V Bitch.  She is co-owned by Mary Roberts and William Sturgeon."

-Connie Beckhardt

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