Sandstone's Madison Avenue

Sandstone's Madison Avenue
OFA GS-65581 G47F-PI GS-EL 14559F47-PI
Breeder:  Petro Haring & L. Balogh
Owner: Petro Haring
DOB: December 28, 1998

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Clayfield Diniro

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Sandstone's Madison Avenue

Ch. Nypower's Braveheart

Nypowers Cashmeir

  Nypowers Curtain Call

GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Bitch

"Nice black and tan bitch. Clean coming and going. Good back and topline. She was the best in topline on this day. Nice temperament."

~ Rita Sandell

GSDC of America --- October 23rd 1999 --- Best Opposite Sex Puppy

"A medium pigmented black and tan bitch of good proportions and good secondary sex characteristics. Good coming but a bit loose going away. She had a very good sidegait, could have finished better. Croup a bit steep. She is a very balanced puppy. Most of her problems are problems of youth. She has much promise."

~ Fred Migilore