Ch. San-Jo's Amanda ROM

Ch. San-Jo's Amanda ROM

Breeders: B. & W. Carver & M. Mazzitelli
Owners: B. & J. Cusick & B. & W. Carver
DOB: March 3rd, 1983

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Ch. San-Jo's Amanda ROM

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GSDC of America---1984---Winner's Bitch

"Very nice black and tan, a bit immature. Could use less leg and more depth of body, nice length of neck, lifts in front. Covers a lot of ground."

~ Fran Ford


GSDC of Greater Kansas City---1985---Best of Breed

"A dark, attractive bitch, with a long, easy stride. I would prefer her feet closer to the ground in motion, as she tends to lift in front. At times her topline could be better, but her stride and ease won it for her."

--Alan Sandell

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #5

"A good sized, very dark bitch who covers the ground with a long stride. She lifts a bit in front until she settles down. Her back is strong and she is sound coming and going. She has a very fluid sidegait."

-Connie Beckhardt

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