Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM

Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM
OFA GS-42350G26M / EL 4486
Breeder: Roberta A. Kindy & Kathy Aubrey
Owner: Bobbie & Gene Kindy
May 1st, 1993 ~ February 22, 2003

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Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM

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1999 Register of Merit Sire

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#5 Sire for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulations

"We wish to thank the fancy for their support of our dog "Pal" for the last nine years.  It's amazing to us that he even qualified for the Red book since he has been off the public market for almost 2 1/2 years.  We still do manage to do a few fresh chilled breedings to top producing bitches with people who will show the progeny.  I even have a new Pal puppy ready to hit the show ring in a month or so.

Pal has been a pleasure to own.  He has always done what I have asked of him, and he has always made me proud of him.  For his show career and his producing career, as good as they are, he is still the best dog around.  He now enjoys his life being a "DOG.

My PAL, Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM"