Ch. Rivendell's George Michael TC HT ROM

Ch. Rivendell's George Michael TC HT ROM
OFA GS34554F26M EL-2231
Breeder: Paul & Jennifer Root and I & X. Phelps
Owner: Paul & Jennifer Root
DOB: February 23, 1991


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Ch. Rivendell's George Michael TC HT ROM

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2001 Training Achievement Award Sire


 2001 Highest ATAA Sire:

"Mikey was always special and he knew it, too.  We figured out early just how strong his working drive was.  Even as a puppy, he would herd us to and fro... herd us here and there.  He always got us to go.. his way!

Jenn got interested in herding when Mikey was about 6.  He was 'not' the dog a novice herding handler should have chose to break into the sport, but he was patient with Jennifer and taught her well.

He passed that working drive on to his progeny and that is how this award came to pass.  We are, indeed, proud parents of Mikey and the dogs that gave him this honor.  Ch. Rivendell's-Chopae's Ysatis... Tessie.. is he first Herding Intermediate qualifier, but BOF Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando HS is working in Intermediate and Am/Can Ch. Bayou Bay's Network News PT is one leg short of her Started title.  Each of those dogs have gone Highest GSD in trail on more than one occasion with some disappointed Border Collies left in their dust.  Several other of the 'Mikey kids' are also poised to go up the title ladder as well.  He stamped that working drive on them like a badge of honor... and it is.

Sadly, this honor is a posthumous one.  Mikey, at 11, lost his battle with leukemia earlier this year.  However, his memory lives on in his progeny.  Perhaps one day... one of those kids will receive the same honor their father did.  How do they say it.. a chip offa da ole block."

~Owner Paul Root


2005 Register of Merit Sire

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