1987 Grand Victor
Ch. Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch CD, ROM, ROMC, TC, CGC, HI

1987 GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch CD, ROM, ROMC, TC, CGC, HI
Breeders/Owners: Frances J. & Hugh F. Williamson

August 28, 1980

  Ch. Lochwood Sundance v Stuttgart

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk
AOE 1987 GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch ROM, ROMC, TC CGC, HI

Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM

Megan of Springrock
    Eko-Lan's Rhyme ROM

August 1983---Winners Dog

"A black and reddish tan male with a good forehand, and side movement. A handsome dog with good sex characteristics. Out moved the rest of the dogs in the class."

--Margret Peggy Douglas

GSDC of Canada---1984---Select #3

"A handsome medium to large black and tan of excellent type. He has a good head but could use a bit more muzzle. His back and topline are good and he is clean coming and going. He moved with good extension and has good coordination, lacking a trifle in forehand."

--Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1984---Select #11

"A very handsome balanced black and tan, nice outline, good back, clean coming and going, moves with a coordinated, free easy gait, but not the length of stride as some of the placings in front of him. He is a little short in croup and could be better in shoulder."

--Fran Ford

GSDC of America---1987---Grand Victor

"Very upstanding six year old male is a bit large. He is well balanced with good bone and proportions. Well angulated at front and rear and an easy mover with a strong back. Like to see a bit more animation."

--Ernie Loeb

1988 Register of Merit Sire

1991 GV Ch. Woodsides' Nestle's Quick v Merwestyn ROM/C
Can. Ch. Woodside's Chelsey v Windigail
1988 GV Ch Piper Hill's Polo ROM
Ch. Dolmar's Montego ROM
Dolmar's Yolaine
Ch. Pinebuck's Charro v Cypress ROM
Ulla v. Cypress
Ch. Honda vom Cypress
Ch. Handsome vom Cypress
Ch. Von Ivo's Enchanted Spirit
Ch Penlo's Elite Courtney
Wilmar's Kiprianna
  Ch Piper Hill's Lauren
  Ch Hussy v Cypress
  Ch Petracca's Joey
Petracca's Jennifer
  Ch Caralon's QED Shanghai
  Ch Anton's Viktor
  Ch. Woodside's Gilly v Windigail
Marwade's Guineveir Isis
  Totana's C'est Moi of Piper Hill
Piper Hill's Betsy v. Cypress
  Von Ivo's True Spirit of Jericho ROM
Ch. Clayfield Gilda of Cathlin
Charbus Double Delight
Can. Ch. Von Ivo's Spirit Essence Am/Can. CD CGC
Can. Ch. Von Ivo's Elfin Spirit
Can. Ch. Kelanhaus Cedric v Aad Ai TC 
Janal's Quintessence
Amber's Nancy Reagan
Ch Amber's Sharon Hill
Amber's Top Gun

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