Ch. Roje's Serena of Kovaya ROM

Ch. Roje's Serena of Kovaya ROM

Breeders: Sally Holcombe and Jean Gossett
Owners: Sally Holcombe
DOB: April 1978


Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan Island ROM

Imperial's Axel of Kovaya 

Kovaya's Kim of Martin Manor
Ch. Roje's Serena of Kovaya ROM

Kovaya's Trademark CD

Kovaya's Amanda v Shadowbrook ROM

  Orton's Megan of Shadowbrook


1988 Register of Merit Sire

"Ch. Roje's Serena of Kovaya is line bred on Select Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island ROM and distantly, but with great intensity, on Ch. Bernd v. Kallengarten ROM.  There is also line breeding on Yoncalla's Mr. America, Ch. Chickwood's Feather, and Yoncalla's Colette. Serena's progeny are from four different sires and are all line bred on Lance.  Rossi is sired by Select Ch. Frack v. Rosshaus ROM and  Tatum by Kovaya's Quando von Fuerstenberg and are line bred on Gilligan. Horseshoes is sired by Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM and Jordache by Covy-Tucker Hill's Jovan and both are line bred on GV Ch. Lance of Fran- Jo ROM, and Bernd von Kallengarten ROM."

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen Kish

Ch. Roje's Tatum of Kovaya
Kovaya's Quando von Fuerstenberg
Ch. Roje's Horseshoe of Kovaya
Ch. Roje's Jordache of Kovaya
Covy-Tucker Hill's Jovan
Roje's Rossi of Kovaya