Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM

Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM

Breeder/Owner: Judy P. Teidel
November 23, 1981~ Aug. 5, 1992

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Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam

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Topline GSDC---February 12th,  1984---Best Opposite Sex

"A black and tan dog, powerfully built with an excellent extension in motion.  Shown slightly heavy he did not move quite as effortlessly as the Best of Breed Ch. Lynrik's Krystal.'

-Joe Poepping

GSDC of America---1983---Maturity Dog

"Impressive side gait.  Moved without wasted motion such as lifting, paddling or kicking behind.  Traveled lovely over the ground with his head and neck properly carried forward using his shoulders well.  Somewhat lever in wither, his croup could've been better and he was slightly locked hocked, yet he still demonstrated excellent drive off the rear and good transmission through the iron back.  Would like to see him sounder going.  Over all he impressed via his good working type, attitude and stamina."

-Helen Sherlock

GSDC of America---1984---Select #13

"A very impressive ground covering gait without wasted motion, fluid, keeping his feet close to the ground; he could follow through better in hindquarter; he's a bit down in pasterns; he could be better in croup, on a loose lead he tends to run downhill; he could be cleaner going; however, due to his very impressive sidegait, I felt he deserved his placing. A handsome masculine dog standing."

~ Fran Ford

GSDC of San Bernardino-Riverside---June 9th, 1985---Best of Breed

"My Best of Breed competition was interesting. I had seen Adam on several occasions, including the 83 National, and at this show, I thought he looked better than he had at any of the other shows in which I had seen him. He is a very strong side mover, with good reach and drive, and covers ground without effort, and is relatively clean on the ends. I would like to have seen a little more consistence; however, he is, in my opinion, a true Select German Shepherd Dog."

-Dr. John W. King

October 1987---Best of Breed

"Excellent side gait and breed type.  A dark black and light tan male with good bone and a masculine head.  He is deep and low stationed and posses good character."

-Kathleen Steen

1987 Register of Merit Sire

"Adam was born Sept. 23, 1981 and died Aug. 5, 1992. He is the sire of the all-time number one Best In Show dog 3X SELECT CH. ALTANA'S MYSTIQUE. He is in the top 10 producing ROM sires of all time, and he is still having puppies!

Adam was a wonderful pet and show dog as well as a terrific stud dog and outstanding producer. He was wonderful around children and was very talented at opening doors and gates. For some unknown reason, I think it's called genetics, Adam has passed this trait down through the years to his progeny.

Adam's strongest assets were the passing down of his beautiful croup, strong head and expression, dark eye, deep body and beautiful correct foreassembly. Although Adam didnít carry the long coat or off-color gene, he produced a beautiful coat and rich pigment through his sire Ch. Proven Hill Jock Hoheneichen.ROM Adam's dam was a Select Ch. Doppelt-Tayís Hawkeye ROM daughter and Jock's sire was a product of a Hawkeye/Select Ch. Proven Hill's Sunshine son. Sunshine was GV Ch. Scorpio's first champion, finishing her championship at 13 months. Unfortunately, Jock died at the early age of 4 years but still was able to attain his ROM and leave a mark on our breed. I was so fortunate to have bred and owned this beautiful dog, and had the forethought to collect his semen.

I want to thank all of the breeders who bred to Adam even though he wasn't OFA'D and to the many handlers who presented him so beautifully, mostly Ken Tank, who always presented him at his best even in the Veterans class at the Nationals he looked super! I know in my heart, he was the love of my life and I have him close to me at all times through all the new kids on the block.

Judy Teidel

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