Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM

Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM

1982 Canadian Grand Victor
Breeders: William & Lois Greene
Owners: Marion Lawrence & Len Steen
November 6th, 1978 - 1985

Spartacus of Shiloh Gardens (Mannix son)

Quint of Shiloh Gardens

Trisha of Shiloh Gardens (Scorpio daughter)
Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM

Ch. Eko-Lan's Quasar
  Ch. Waldesruh's Gay Debut v Billo

  Ch. Maja of Waldesruh ROM

GSDC of America---1981---Select #2

"Easy, ground covering gait from the side, although a slight softness of back in transmission.  Good head with some softness of back in transmission.  Good head with some softness in ears.  Could be a little cleaner coming."

-Ralph Roberts

1983 Register of Merit Sire

  Select Ch. Brazenhaus Tapestry
Brazenhaus Odetta
  Select Ch. Mario Lanza v. Fuerstenberg
  Ch. Rigoletto v. Fuerstenburg
  Select Ch. La Traviata v. Fuerstenberg
  Ch. Maria Callas v. Fuerstenburg ROM
  Ch. Patja's Dapper Dan
  Ch. Arbar's Xanadu ROM
Saxony Athena Of Arbar
  Ch. Hillside's Chattanooga
  Ch. Giradet of Fran-Jo
  Ch. Bihiri's Xira II
Bihari's Hussy
  Ch. Hillside's Cincinnati
  Ch. Dean-Etta's High Time
  Ch. Nation-Wide Prime Quita
Nation Wide Nena
  Ch. Halermida's Xanadu v. Bel-Vista
  Ch. Bihari's Xada
Bihari's Hussy
  Ch. Norland's Candice
Norland's A Desert Wine
  Ch. Corrida's General Ike
  Ch. Galewynd's Lutece of Fran-Jo
  Ch. Vanya v. Fuerstenburg
Ch. Hadja v Fuerstenburg
  Ch. Spring Ridge Tempest
Ch. Spring Ridge Kalli
  Ch. Lor-Locke's Solitaire of Sidri
  Ch. Bel-Vista's Xtra Time
Ch. Bel Vista Hera of Sylmar
  Ch. Regas of Fran-Jo
  Ch. Arrowhead's Honeysuckle Rose
Ch. Arrowhead Brandywine
  Ch. Danka's Krugerrand
Danka Rosalind Russell
  Ch. Brazenhaus Witchhazel
Ch.Brazenhaus Quinella
  Ch. Sunset's Upton Tipton
Ch. Sunset Gemma
  Ch. Amber's Forever
Amber's Dana
  Hanna of Fran-Jo ROM
Asta of Fran-Jo
  Chieftain's Lucky Strike
Arbar's Ria
Ch. Amber's McCracken v D'Lors
Amber's Dana

  Indicates a member of the 13 Club

1984 Red Book:

"Prime finished his championship at 18 months from the American Bred class. He was shown very sparingly but still managed to achieve the above outstanding show results. Prime's show career ended very young because his owners have been on the Parent Club Board and Sam was president of the G.S.D.C.A. He is now only seen with his offspring in the Presentation class

Prime is not a kennel dog but is our house dog. He is the greatest pan handler of snacks from guests that I know. He loves to go with us in the car and can be seen with us wherever we go. Anyplace we stay is home to Prime. He truly has ideal temperament, guarding our home or car, but welcoming guests who are invited into our home."

-Owners: Sam and Marion Lawrence