Ch. Pappillon of Fran-Jo

Ch. Pappillon of Fran-Jo

Breeders/Owners: J.D. and F.L. Ford

Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM

Doppelt-Tay's Jessette
Ch. Pappillon of Fran-Jo

GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens ROM

Arcadia's C.J. of Fran-Jo ROM

  Ch. Mirheim's Abbey ROM

GSDC of Virginia --- November 4, 1979---Winners Dog

"Young, hard, dry and beautifully pigmented male.  A sensational mover.  He displayed the type of shoulder and front opening that is rarely seen these days.  The longer he went the better he showed."

-Sam Lawrence

GSDC of America---1981---Select #10

"Medium, size nice sex characteristics, good head and expression, ear set could be better.  Good pigmentation, bone and substance and depth of body.  Excellent shoulder, good topline, medium rear angulation a little short of croup.  Agile in side motion and improve coming and going."

-Ralph Roberts