Ch. Orpha of Edgetowne
Honorary ROM Dam


Ch. Orpha of Edgetowne, Hon ROM
Breeder: Ed Lecocq
Owner: Anne and Shipley Bayless of Seamair Farm Kennels, California.
Dec. 15,1946 ~ May 20,1958

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Ch. Orpha of Edgetowne, Hon ROM

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Bonita of Gretana

  Tatja v Hoheluft (Viki von Bern daughter)

When Ed LeCocq of Edgetowne bred Orpha to Vol, he took a chance doing such a close breeding. Orpha was an orphan puppy, sole survivor of a litter of 12. She was bred to Vol to set a type, while hoping for not too many faults. An intriguing sidelight concerns Orpha's tail female line about her dam, Tatja von Hoheluft, a Viki v Bern daughter. The owner of Edgetowne, Ed LeCocq pointed out: "Various lines stemming from Tatja have proven out. Her litter sister in Canada produced the Canadian GV Ch. Anthony of Northmere. Tatja's bloodlines are infuential in another Grand Victor, Ch. Valiant of Draheim as well as in Grand Victor Ch. Jory of Edgetowne." Lloyd Brackett once wrote that "not in years have I seen such a top youngster as Jory of Edgetowne. A sensation, no less."

~ Gloria Birch and Cappy Pottle

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