V Nores vd Kriminalpolizei SchH III Kkl 1

V Nores vd Kriminalpolizei SchH III Kkl 1
Born: March 10th, 1915
SZ 60933

V Munko v Boll HGH, SchH III (coat color: black  & tan)

V Horst v Boll PH (coat color: gray & white)

Hella v Boll (coat color: gray)

V Nores vd Kriminalpolizei SchH III

Jung Tell vd Kriminalpolizei (coat color: gray, white & black)

Gisa vd Kriminalpolizei (coat color: black & gray)

Rezia vd Kriminalpolizei (coat color: gray & white)

"Nores was a dog out of Horst v Boll and the 1914 Austrian Siegerin Gisa vd Kriminalpolizei.  A silver gray, Nores exhibited some colour paling and like his sire was oversized as well as square in general shape.  
His temperament was suspect and he seems to have been born with some vertebrae missing from his tail.  He did not have dental faults but his progeny frequently did along with occasional short tails and poor temperament.  In Germany Nores produced 180 litters and 877 progeny gaining some status as a sire of show winning stock.  His stock won both Sieger titles in 1921 and in that year he was exported to the Green Bay kennels in USA.  His record in Germany coupled with the fact that he had fathered Strongheart (Etzel v Oeringen), an early motion picture hero, was enough to make him widely used in America and in Britain, too, many animals of his bloodlines were to be imported.  On the whole his was an influence for ill, particularly in shoulder placement and it is notable that none of the many Champions that he left behind in Europe were to prove of lasting breeding value."

~Author Unknown

"Nores von Kriminalpolizei was oversized but handsome, and he sported a short tail inherited from his dam, Lori von Brenztal.  The von Bolls were heavy and square and possessed excellent temperament and intelligence."

Ernest Hart
Author of The German Shepherd Dog