Ch. Nike Clayfield Andre Segovia ROM

Ch. Nike Clayfield Andre Segovia ROM
OFA 56634G28M EL10248
Sharlonna McGaha and Angie Stegner
Owners:  Susan Witmer and Roberta Kindy

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Ch. Nike Clayfield Andre Segovia ROM

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Delaware Valley GSDC---October 4, 1997---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"I am sure my face must have lit up when I saw this young sable male come into the ring. He has the long striding, effortless side gait that gets me every time, sound back in motion, good coming and going. He just floated around the ring on a loose lead (when Leslie could keep up with him) and yet did not fall apart on a tight one. I could have watched him all day. He is a bit rangy and not in hard condition presently but, with maturity and road work, he should be even more spectacular."

-Carol Smith


2005 Register of Merit Sire


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