Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM, HIC

Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM
Breeder/Owners: Angela E. Stegner and Sharlonna C. McGaha
October 23 1993 ~ April 2005

Von Ivo's True Spirit of Jericho ROM

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM
Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM, HIC
  Nike Clayfield's Alf Schatzmar

Ch. Nike Clayfield's Lady Love ROM

  Ch. Clayfield's Allways A Lady ROM

GSDC of Sacramento Valley---August 31st, 1997---Winners Bitch

"This bitch is the reason it took me 2 weeks to write my critique. Everytime I would start reviewing my films, I would quit writing & just watch her,...again.....and ....again...and.... again. The biggest fault I could finds with this bitch is that she's not in my backyard where I could sit and look at her ALL the time. This sable beauty never put a foot down wrong. Set up, moving, she has it all. She appeals to the breeder in me as well as the judge. She is poetry on a loose leash. Presented to perfection, she was all I could ask for. I understand she just came off a litter, explaining her tendency to be a little wet in underline."

-Lanalee Jorgensen

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