Ch. Nether-Lair's Gayiety ROM

Ch. Nether-Lair's Gayiety ROM
Pictured with Dinny Cowley, her breeder.
Dinny sold Gayiety to Larraine Clifford, a novice who after finishing Gayiety bred her to Ch. Fortune of Arbywood which produced 4 champions and began Doppelt-Tay Kennels


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Ch. Nether-Lair's Gayiety ROM

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"The nicest puppy I have seen in a long time" was the judge's comment the first time Gay entered a show ring. Bred by Dinny Cowley, Gay went to her new home at six months. She grew up as a family pet and has spent her life being companion and guardian of the Clifford children. She has had 5 litters of 10 each and now at 7 1/2 years of age still acts much like a puppy herself."

"Gay's son Jay Hawk, met a tragic death this winter in Florida in the fire which destroyed Virginia McCoy's Land Rover."

-Owner: Jesse and Larraine Clifford & Family

April 2001

"I searched old Reviews and Red Books and found that Gayiety only was bred 5 times - I believe she first was bred Ch. Uncus of Long Worth ("C" litter) before she was bred to Fortune ("J" litter) and was bred repeat ("M" litter) then was bred to Inspector of Arbywood ("R" littler) and last one Gay was bred to Fortune again ("B" litter)."

"Chiffon, Raul, and Raazan almost finished their championships. Megan and Brogue just won a major and reserve point. Why Gay was bred to Fortune only three times? because Larraine believed that only one sire Fortune can match his bloodlines to Gay."

"I found '73 Red Book that Jesse and Larraine's interviews for Doppelt-Tay Kennels. "From Dinny we purchased a promising puppy name Nether-Lair's Gayiety. Our dearly love Gay thrilled us by becoming our first champion. We will never forget the day Gay finished. An old time breeder said to us. "You have a beautiful bitch, now try to get something as good out of her." Our Gay proved to be more than a champion in a litter."

--Debbra Clifford

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