Ch. Mercurio of Long-Worth ROM

Ch. Mercurio of Long-Worth ROM

Ch. Keno of Longworth ROM

Ch. Zeno of Long-Worth II

Vicky of Longworth

Ch. Mercurio of Long-Worth ROM

Ch. Dennis of Long-Worth

Ch. Winnette of Long-Worth

Ch. Tekla of Long-Worth ROM


"This dog Mercurio; was a wiry sort with proud bearing, a long arched neck but with a head that lacked substance for that day. He had good, short, strong ears though and you could breed a floppy eared bitch to him and every pup would get both ears up (I know, I did it). Especially for a kennel dog, he had loads of character. Years later the perpetually moving herding dogs reminded me of him.

He did not like thunderstorms. I wondered if that came about because of him living through the tornado that went through the kennel while he was there, but before I arrived. Or was there an element of sound sensitivity from his heritage? His pasterns turned in noticeably, as he moved towards you, but he moved with outstanding balance, a topline that neither rolled from side to side or up and down, - immovable "

~ Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

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