2002 & 2003 Grand Victor
2x Select Excellent Champion
Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! TC, HT, RA, ROM

AOE 2002 & 2003 GV Select Excellent Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! TC, HT, RA, ROM
OFA H GS-63927G32M-PI OFA E GS-EL14124M36-PI
Breeders:  Mark & Barbara Hefner & Kevin Reynolds
Owners: Mark & Barbara Hefner, Kevin Reynolds & Peggy Mickelson
DOB: 07/07/99

AOE 1997 GV Ch Marhaven's Color Guard

AOE Select Ch Weicho's Flash Dance TC CD ROM

Ch Weicho's Fire Dance
AOE 2002 & 2003 GV Select Excellent Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! TC, HT, RA, ROM

Kridler's Mac Attack Liberty

Marquin's Windsor Lass

  Robar's Kim Novak

GSDC of America --- November 2000 --- 1st Bred-By Dog

"An absolute standout in both the class and in Winners. Not many dogs have given me such a thrill in many years of judging. This dog has great presence! A large, rich black and tan, he first of all gave me correct masculine type, he stood confidently on a loose lead at my approach and then moved with beautiful transmission. Stacked  he is stunning, with a gorgeous head, dark eyes, and nicely set ears. I was taken by  the beautiful length and arch of his neck. Moving he is smooth and athletic, with his
correct feet finishing close to the ground. I particularly appreciated his short, hard  back, sloping croup line, substance, oval bone and short hocks. Exemplary down and back. He looks particularly good on a loose lead and won my heart from the first time I saw him in the class till I awarded him Winners Dog."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of America---2000---Winners Dog & Select Excellent #9

"Medium black and tan. Proportion is okay. Sex characteristics are pronounced. He is a younger dog that came from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. Again I'd like to see more front reach. And more ground covering."

~Joseph Bihari

GSDC of Baton Rouge---September 16th, 2001---Best of Breed

"Prior to Specials, there had been beautiful animals in every class, which made judging that much more enjoyable.  But when this fellow entered the ring, there was never any question who the star of the day was.  He is a magnificent animal, shown in magnificent condition.  He is a medium-sized, medium black and tan, substantial and masculine guy.  He has a gorgeous, masculine head with perfect ears and dark eyes.  His back and middle-piece are excellent.  His croup, pasterns and feet are all good.  He has a short hock.  He is an excellent, powerful mover who amazes you because one does not expect to see this kind of movement on a dog with such excellent substance and size.  It's hard to imagine how he could look much better."

~Kathy Field Casteel, Esq. 

GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #3

"A very handsome and substantial dog.  The crowd's favorite, he presents a very pleasing outline and has an attractive head.  He is a competent mover and covers the ground well.  I would like a little more front extension but this is a high quality dog who has an exciting show career ahead of him."

~Mr. Jack Newton

GSDC of Louisiana---February 18, 2001---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"A darkly pigmented, very masculine male with excellent bone. He has a hard back, carried a nice topline on a loose leash and covered ground effortlessly. His nice forehand in conjunction with a
hard driving rear with a rear follow-through completed the package. A pleasure to watch in motion. Good temperament."

~Peggy Lee

GSDC of Western Massachusetts---May 17th, 2002---Best of Breed

"I must admit, I am a fan of this dog, having seen him at the 2000 and 2001 Nationals.  On this day he did not disappoint me.  A medium large black and red dog who is prefect in body proportions as height is to length.  His outline standing describes the Standard.  In motion, his excellent front extends to match the powerful rear, giving the uncommon scene of beautiful balance, effortless trot, like a well lubricated machine that can run all day.

I do not consider him extreme, but very correct.  He is clean down and back, has the proper angel of pastern, short powerful hock, dark eye, strong correct earset, and a beautiful male head.  Being picky, I would like to see him a few pounds lighter, but this does not impair him.  His condition is very good.  He is an excellent male, deserving of Best of Breed in the strong class."

~Dan Smith

GSDC of Northern Virginia---May 26th, 2002---Best of Breed

"A truly masculine male, excellent back, clean coming and going, good temperament and covers ground effortlessly.  I have judged him in the past and was impressed at the way he has matured and feel that he is in his prime."

~Gary Szymczak

GSDCA---Saturday, October 19th 2002---Best of Breed, Grand Victor Select Excellent

"A strong-headed well proportioned back and tan. He is a smooth, well coordinated aggressive moveróbut tight and on a loose lead. He uses what he has very well and showed stamina from start to finish. Solid back, down and back clean. He shows a nice picture in motion and when posed. Heís hard not to find."

~Edmond Barritt

GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Grand Victor/Best Opposite Sex


GSDC of Canada --- 2003 --- Grand Victor/Best of Breed


2005 Register of Merit Sire


2006 Award of Excellent Winner

  Select Ch. Breal's Easy Does It TC
  Ch Adelgard's Yancy D von Marquin HIC HT PT RN TC CGC
Schneiderhof Highland Treasure
Ch. Breaul's Heart Breaker
  Ch. Marquin's Golden Gait v Vector
  Ch. New Challenge Aviator, PT
New Challenge Samuri Langtry
Ch. Utopia's Finish of Mariner
Reinehaus-Melana Front Page
Reinehaus Kandi Kane
Ch. Melana's Pandemonium ROM
Ch. Melana's Murphy's Law
Ch. Faith Rock Caralon QED Ruby Queen TC CA, CEFT THY
Caralon QED Haley's Comet ROM
Echo Cham's Hailstorm ROM
Echo Cham's Perfect Storm