Ch. Krammhof's Kodiak CDX

Ch.  Krammhof's Kodiak CDX
OFA GS14812-T
Owners: Morgan L. & Gloria H. Kramm
Born: July 2nd, 1982

Ch. Lochwood's Sundance v. Stuttgart

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk
Ch. Krammhof's Kodiak CDX

Covy Tucker Hill's Zinfandel ROM

Covy Tucker Hill's Carmelita ROM

  Covy Tucker Hill's Felita ROM

January 1985---Winners Dog

"A medium sized, black and tan of good type.  He has a good head ear set and dark eye.  He is a fluid mover and has good extension both on a tight and loose lead.  Black and topline are good.  Would prefer a bit more under drive but overall nice."

-Ed Barritt