Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM

Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM
OFA H-GS42142G24M OFA E-EL4852
Breeder: Maryellen Kish & Karin E. Wagner
Owners: Dr. Robert & Maryellen Kish
DOB: June 4th, 1993

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Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM

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GSDC of America---1994---12 to 18 Dog, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"an exciting son of an exciting, excellent stud, Jo-San's Enterprise. This 17 month old youngster lives up to his name, with great type, definite masculinity, and hard, dry muscle and ligament tone. Large, stretched, medium bone, very typey, masculine, and full of expression. Good pigment, very good overline and underline with adequate forechest and good croup. Upper arm could be very slightly longer, but better than almost all other entrants. Pasterns/feet could be firmer. Very good rear angulation though he is very slightly loose going away. Stands and moves true in front. Very good reach, drive, and ground-covering gait when with the handler he loves (she gave him to someone else in the BOB competition). Firm back. This dog could do very well in German or other international competition were it not for working (schutzhund) title requirements. Won over a great Open dog because he was a little cleaner going away, ran a little higher in withers, and a little longer in reach. Rating would be "excellent" if he were 2 years or more, so let's call it V-1. He and my Open dog are both "Select-quality" to me."

~ Fred Lanting

GSDC of America---1994--- Select #12

"a quality, young (12-18), black and light tan of balanced structure. A strong, coordinated mover showing firmness in ligamentation and willingness to perform. When he is fully mature he will be an exciting adult."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1995---Best In Maturity

"A large black and light tan dog of excellent secondary sex characteristics. Sound temperament, very sound coming and going, very good sidegait, strong and agile. Followed through well behind, back was hard. This dog never changed from tight lead to loose lead. His overall correctness won him Best In Maturity."

~ Fred Migilore

GSDC of America---1995--- Maturity Victor

"A very masculine black and gold male who displays excellent character. Well angulated but not over done. He is very correct moving and his perfect proportions gives the look of a solid moving machine from the side. He is clean coming and going. Overall, one of the nicest balanced dogs I've seen. His correct confirmation and excellent condition matches his will to go. He never quits. He covers the ground at ease and is very pleasing to watch working. Needless to say, I was pleased to see Dr. Battaglia place him high in the Select group."

~ Dan Smith

GSDC of America---1995--- Select #2

"This was another very nice dog, still young but one that will have his day. He is black and tan, nicely marked and deeply pigmented. I would characterize him as strong and agile, large boned with a good dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. Overall he is agile and well muscled. His neck is strong and muscular, withers are higher than and sloping into a level back. His ribs are well sprung. His shoulder blades are long and equal in length to his upper arm. His feet are strong and tightly articulated. His gait is one of his best characteristics. When moving he is outreaching and rhythmic. His feet travel close to the ground and at a full trot his topline remains firm and level without roll or sway."

~ Carman Battaglia


GSDC of America---1996---Select #3

"A 3 1/2 year old male, medium large, and another stallion type dog. Substantial, good bone and substance, nice depth of body and good ligamentation. Well balanced, with a good shoulder and a strong, moderate rear assembly. Shows power in motion, with good transmission through his back. Does not reach as well in front as his shoulder would indicate. Nice coming and going. A quality, sound male. He also has OFA hips and elbows."

~ Ralph Roberts


GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---Select #4

"A well formed black and tan of correct proportion. A strong quick mover, hard back, good head. Could follow through a touch more. A good package."

~ Edmond Barritt


  #7 Sire for 2001~ Futurity/Maturity System

"In a few days, Heart Throb will celebrate his 9th birthday.  He feels and looks wonderful, and we are most thankful for his continued health and vigor.  He still loves the girls and is an able and willing stud dog.

With limited breeding to mainly local bitches, Heart Throb has produced over 20 champions with more on the way.  We were particularly proud at the 2001 National to watch three of his progeny place in the Select class.  In addition, for the second time in the last four years, a Heart Throb son, Select Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man, was Winners Dog at the National, following Select Ch. Eagle Valley's Merck v Somerset, Winners Dog in 1998. This is Hart Throb's 6th appearance in the Red Book.  For those of you new to the breed, he carries the long coat gene, is free of the blue gene, and should be used to improve breed type, structure, proportions, over-all soundness, ligamentation, health and vigor.

1998 Register of Merit Sire

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