2003/06 Select Excellent
Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill ROM

Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill ROM
OFA GS-66398F26M-PI/EL14963M26-PI
Breeder: Gail Hardcastle, Mary Stoll, Karen Taylor & Jerry Guzman
Owner: Brett and Karen Taylor & Jerry Guzman
January 31st, 2001 - June 2011

  AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM
  2001 GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision HT TC ROM

Ch. Survival's Cherry Koolaid
2x Select Ex. Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill ROM

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To PT

  Castlehill's Fontina

Diablo Valley GSDC---March 17th, 2002---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"This young dog from the Bred-By class is a knock out.  When I gave him Winners Dog, little did I know that I would also give him the Breed over some really nice specials.  But this youngster was not going to be denied the top sopt.  This is the kind of dog we all dream of owning.  Excellent sidegait, clean coming and going, a dark black and tan male with a good head, good bone, and all the attitude in the world.  (Great job, Cindy.)  In my opinion, the guy is really going places.  Wait and see."

~Margaret (Peggy) Douglas

GSDC of Los Angeles County---April 21st, 2002---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"Gorgeous type from head to tow.  Dark pigment, beautiful head, elegant yet masculine, ears thick, upright, positioned on the head to form a perfect parallel plane from top of skull to tip of nose, and dark almond shape eye.  He also has a good bite with a full mouth.  Temperament was excellent.

Long arched neck, sloping into a correct wither point, with muscles attached to an extraordinary fore assembly: blade of good length and layback, and a long upper arm, which meets the blade at an excellent angle.  Ligamentation could be stronger on the fore assembly.  Dry, hard back which never gave on a loose lead at any speed.  Short strong loin.  Rear assembly matches the front.  Long sweeping croup with good tailset.  Drives well under the body with good follow-through.  For all the angles he has, he handles himself very well.  Eats up the ground with amazing long strides.  When he gets excited and pulls too hard he can distort his front.  Settled in, he has a spectacular sidegait, I think he will only get better with age as he tightens up.  He is only a teenager.  What a surprise!"

~Nancy Harper

GSDC of America---October 2002---Best In Futurity

"What a beautiful male! Extremely typey and stylish. Very elegant. Beautiful head with dark eyes and strong ears. Long neck, excellent proportions, lovely croup and turn of stifle. An excellent side-gaiter, with outreaching gait and good follow-through. Good middle piece. Clean coming and going. Excellent dentition. With maturity, this dog will be hard to beat."

~Michel Chaloux

"One look at this dog and the first sentence of our Standard starts running through your mind. This young male is indeed a very handsome and stylish animal. He has a beautiful head with excellent ear set, dark eyes, full dentition, and a correct bite. He displays very good proportions from the side. He is clean coming and going and has very good front reach and rear follow-through. He does not move with locked hocks or dragging of toes. All in all, he is a beautiful German Shepherd. I awarded him Best in Futurity on his maturity and overall beauty."

~ John DeHope

 Diablo Valley GSDC --- March 16th, 2003 --- Best of Breed

 "Elmo is my Futurity winner at the National (BIF). I loved him then, now I love him even more. He just looks great today. He is a very close example of the standard. Medium large size, masculine, excellent proportions, dark black and tan, magnificent head, long neck, dark eyes, perfect ears set.  Excellent shoulder assembly, strong middle piece, nice slopy croup.  Excellent side gait, powerful mover, strong reach and drive. Clean coming and going.
 Could not fault him today. Grand-Victor potential..."

~ Michel Chaloux

Rocky Mountain GSDC --- May 3rd, 2003 --- Best of Breed

"med. to large well pigmented dog sound coming and going very good from the side. Finished well behind and kept his feet close to the ground good feet and pasterns. What sets this dog apart from the others is that he has GREAT PRESENTS [God how I hate this term] he really does ask for it. "

~ Fred Migilore


GSDC of Oregon --- May 24, 2003 --- Best of Breed

"A dark black and tan stallion of a dog exploded into the ring and defied the world to not take a look. Clean, quiet and efficient in execution of his task, he demanded attention and appreciation. True to his breeding he showed off shoulder, topline, balance, and style -- topped off with a strong and pleasing headpiece with eyes of coal, a heart that sings, and temperament solid and true. In harmony with the Standard, this dog to me is always an exciting dog and is always a pleasure to see."

~ Debbie Hokkanen


GSDC of America --- October 7th, 2003 --- Best In Maturity

"18 entered 10 shown. Beautifully trained and handled, in excellent condition. A lovely head with large ears, excellent expression. Very dark pigment with cream markings. A smooth easy mover who covered ground with very little effort. High wither, excellent topline, excellent proportions, correct body depth. A medium to large male (according to the Standard)."

~ Helen Gleason

"Elegance personified in movement. What more can I say about this handsome richly pigmented dark and tan fellow who, when he settles down, floats around the ring with such ease of motion. I love him. I was very happy when he went Select on Saturday."

~ Cappy Pottle


GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Select Excellent #7

~Dave Rinke


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Select Excellent #2

"Shown to perfection and in perfect condition he pushed for number 1 spot. A full brother to the Grand Victrix, great begets great."

~ Helen Franklin

2006 Register of Merit Sire

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