Ch. Kansten's Fisher of Asgard

Ch. Kansten's Fisher of Asgard
OFA 26187-239
Breeders - E & T Ginsburg
Owner - N Hubbel
December 6th, 1987 - December 24th, 1999

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Ch. Kansten's Fisher of Asgard

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Ch. Woodacre's CiJi of Asgard

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  GSDC of America --- 1989 --- American Bred Dog

"...a very handsome, strong moving, black and tan dog. Shown in superb condition. Excellent ground covering gait and was good coming and going. A really good specimen of the Breed and should have a good future ahead of him."

~ Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas

GSDC of America---1990---Select #9

"... medium sized, close coupled, black and light tan male. Another smooth, coordinated mover. Uses what he has very well. Keeps a constant outline tight or loose. Clean."

~ Ed Barritt