Kristie of Waldesruh ROM

Kristie of Waldesruh ROM

Breeders: Bob & Phyllis Denton
Owners: Thomas & Peggy Jenkins
DOB: April 15th, 1966

Bar vd Weisenpforte

GV Ch. Brix v.d. Grafendrone SchH III ROM

Tatjanja a.d. Wiengegund
Kristie of Waldesruh ROM

Ch. Biff of Ken Rose

Del Deena of Waldesruh ROM

  Ch. Cassy of Waldesruh ROM

1980 Register of Merit Dam

"We have waited a long time for Kristie to achieve her ROM title.  Her first winning progeny was tabulated in 1971 and her final Champion achieved his title in 1980.  Kristie is another of the famous "K" litter Waldesruh.  Her sire was GV Ch. Birx von Grafenkrone and her dam the lovely Del-Deena of Waldesruh ROM.  This was an out-cross breeding with excellent results, combing German and American bloodlines.  Kristie was then bred to Bee-Jay's Blitz Kreig, which was line breeding on Ch. Lake Trail Terry wood Cito, a Ch. Cito v.d. Hermannschleuse son.  This breeding produced her first Champion in 1971.  She was then bred to Ch. Assln of Robinsway to produce a winning progeny who did not finish.  Next came a breeding to Lance and two more winning progeny but no Champion to finish Krisite's ROM.  Finally a breeding to Ch. Zeto fo Fran-Jo ROM and a son who finished his Championship, giving Kristie her well-deserved ROM.  None of Kristie's progeny were the result of close line-breedings but always the combination of very compatible bloodlines.  Kristie was bred by Bob and Phyllis Denton and is owned by Thomas and Peggy Jenkins"

-Connie Beckhardt

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Ch. Tanbark's Bounty Hunter
Bee Jay's Blitz Kreig
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