Ch. Kridler's Que Sera Sera

Ch. Kridler's Que Sera Sera
OFA-H-GS-55975G39F E-GS-EL9947
Breeder: T. Kridler
Owners: Charlene Marchand & Grace Pappas & Lynette M. Boyles
DOB: February 27th, 1996

Ch. Pete of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v.Fran-Jo

TR's Electra Glide v Kenlyn
Ch. Kridler's Que Sera Sera

Covy-Tucker Hill's Hydas Sun

Ch. Kridler's Sweet Sunshine ROM

Samantha Tarric of Nordlict

GSDC of Detroit---October 19th, 1997---Best of Breed

"What a bitch!!! She was absolutely beautiful in my eyes. She had it all--sidegait, back and topline."

-Rita Sandell

GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---Select #6


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #11

"A rich pigmented, excellent proportioned black and tan. Excellent sidegait.  Good coming and going. Firm back in motion on both loose and tight lead. Feet and pasterns could have been a bit better. She is a bit refined in head and could be stronger in bone."

~ Fred Migilore