Ch. Kovaya's Contessa ROM

Ch. Kovaya's Contessa ROM
OFA GS-316
Breeders: Gloria F. Birch & Sally Holcomb
Owners: Cappy Pottle & Gloria F. Birch

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Ray-Mor's Heller
Ch. Kovaya's Contessa ROM

Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten ROM

Chickwood's Gillie ROM

  Ch. Chickwood's Feather ROM

1970 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Kovaya's Judd ROM
Ch. Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill ROM
Ch. Kovaya's Jill CD ROM
Ch. Kovaya's Lurch
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Kovaya's Trademark CD
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1995 Dams of Distinction Report

"Ch. Kovaya's Contessa is one of the outstanding matriarch's of the breed. Her influence is especially felt through her strong tail, famale line descending from Rolf v Osnabruckerland through his daughter, Levade Preusenblut. Contessa's grandmother, BIS. Ch. Chickwood's Feather ROM, through her tail femail line is inbred 2-2 on Levade. Bred to Ernest Loeb's great import, Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten, a Axel Deiningerhauserheide grandson, Feather produced Chickwood's Gillei ROM, the mother of Contessa. Contessa crossed well with GV Ch. Yoncalla's Mike ROM and Connie Beckhardt's Bernd grandchildren trhough the great Cobert's Melissa ROM. Contessa's daughter, Felita, and son, Flanagan, sired by Ch. Lakesides' Gillgan's Island ROM, greatly influenced the breed through their direct descendents: Manhattan, Finnegan, Rosita, Carmelita. Contessa appears behind such great producers as Covy-Tucker Hill's Sinderella ROM; Am./Can. Ch. Lynrik's Sharnon of Winchester TC, ROM; and Can. GV Am. Can. Ch. Covy's Altana of Tucker Hill ROM. Covy-Tucker Hill is indebted for their successful breeding program to this magnificent German Shepherd"