Ch. Ken-Delaine's Verena June

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Verena June
Breeders: K. & D. Thomson
Owners: K. & D. Thomson, J. & M. Hall


Saddlecrest's Star Fleet
  Covy-Tucker Hill's Mordecai Nordlicht

Ch Covy Tucker Hills Carte Blanca
Ch. Ken-Delaine's Verena June

1979 GV Ch. Schokrest On Parade ROM

Ch. Shandee's Primrose Lady

  Golden Poppy

GSDC of Ameirca --- 1987 --- Novice Bitch

"Ken-Delaine's Verna June - this is a rather small, stylish bitch, very well balanced, very typey. She is a willing worker and, although balanced nicely on either end, I would like to see her take fewer steps in her movement."

~ Sam Lawrence

GSDC of America---November 19th, 1988---Select #7

"Very typey bitch, sure, fast mover, dry, very good back, balanced but could use a little better forehand. Makes up for this with her desire to go, but does not carry quite the topline of the bitch in front of her. Nice coming and going."

-Ralph Roberts