Ch. Kansten's Britten

Ch. Kansten's Britten HT PT HCT JHD HRD-1 TC
GS51125G25F-T and EL GS7908-T
Breeder: Nancy Hubbell
Dr. Gloria S. Rice & Nancy Hubbell
DOB: 10/15/95


Ch. Leiter's Excalibur ROM

Leiter's Firecracker ROM

Weicho's Tokyo v. Leiter
Ch. Kansten's Britten HT PT HCT JHD HRD-1 TC

Ch. Maverick of Bob-Lyn ROM

Kansten's Mahogany ROM

  Kansten's JVC of Asgard

GSD Fanciers of N. California---January 27th, 2001---Winners Bitch

"This is a medium-sized, medium black and tan lady who is low stationed, has a dark eye, a short hock, good ears, a beautiful shoulder, and good movement. This lady typifies a working bitch. She holds her head and nick correctly in motion, has reach and drive with no wasted motion, and gets better the longer she works."

-Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.


--April 22, 2001---Winners Bitch

"Another beautiful bitch. When she entered the ring I knew that she will be the one to beat. First her movement maybe my best shoulder opening of the day. An efficient side gaiter outreaching gait very close to the ground. Excellent coordinated gait with the iron back to match and that great fluidity. Also she is of beautiful breed type with a nice feminine head. She displayed an excellent temperament. Without question this bitch should be finished by now."

~Michel Chaloux

GSDC of America --- 2004 --- 9 to 11 Veteran Bitch

"Dark bitch with a coordinated side gait. She was clean coming and going and was a very faminine bitch."

~ Rita Sandell

Paladen Kansten's Good Vibrations ROM