Ch Jimeni's Laredo of Rejoy ROM

Ch Jimeni's Laredo of Rejoy ROM
OFA GS-34724F32M-T
Canadian Grand Victor
Breeders - M Hall & S Green
Owners - J & M Hall & K & D Thomson

Ch. Houston of Wildwood ROM

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Ch. Sharlen's Sparkle Plenty
Ch Jimeni's Laredo of Rejoy ROM

Ch Nike-Clayfield Andretti ROM

Covy Tucker Hill Estee Nordlicht ROM

  Covy-Tucker Hill's Ramblin Rose ROM

GSDC of America--1992---Open Dog & Winner's Dog

"A medium sized, richly pigmented black and tan. Not overdone in any way. Masculine. Dark eye. Ears slightly wider than usual and instead of perpendicular (90 degrees) to head, are perhaps 80 degrees. Nice feet. On loose lead, moves with easy, outreaching, effortless gait. Full front and rear extension without choppiness. Near perfect coming and going. This is loose lead dog. He won the points on his overall soundness, masculinity, balance, and free, easy, extended gait. He was closely contested by the 12-18 Dog (Reserve Winners)."

~ Richard Whalen


GSDC of America---1994---Select #2

"another well-formed black and tan male, medium to large, of pleasing outline. Good head and back, balanced front and rear. A coordinated mover who extends more then #1. A bit narrow in front. He seemed to be a bit fidgerty near the end while posing which distracted from appearance---a quality male."

~ Ed Barritt

1998 Register of Merit Sire

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