Ch. Jogra's Shaika TC

Ch. Jogra's Shaika TC, CD
Canadian Grand Victrix, 3X Select Champion
Breeders: J. L. & G. Perez-Gurri
Owners: Jim and Bobbie Cusick

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

1984 GV Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

Ch. Cobert's Zephyr of Windigail ROM
AOE Ch. Jogra's Shaika TC, CD

Ch. Jogra's Miko

Jogra's Quick See

  Ch. Jogra's Gina

GSDC of America---1983---Futurity Victrix


GSDC of America---1984---Select #4

"Black and tan, very dry, a very nice long striding sidegait, good back and topline, could have a little better front reach, shoulder could be laid on better with more layback, could have less leg and a little more depth of body, reasonably clean coming and going. Very nice with attitude and type."

~ Fran Ford


GSDC of America---1985---Select #2

"A strong bitch with beautiful pigmentation and a very expressive head with a good dark eye and excellent ears. She has a good neck and a very strong back. Her forehand is excellent and she has good follow through behind. She is very sound coming and going and has an effortless outreaching gait and seems to enjoy every minute in the ring."

-Connie Beckhardt

GSDC of America---November 19th, 1988---Select #8

"A strong sidegaiting bitch, pushes off well, transmits through her back well, and reaches very well. Good shoulder and strong rear. Some softness to her back in motion, and not as consistent in motion as I would like. Good bone, substance and pigment. Not as clean coming as would be desired. She may be able to outgait some of those in front of her, but did not have the desire today."

--Ralph Roberts


Ch. Cedar Creek's Erin of Lee Ray
Ch. Cedar Creek's Ellie v Lee Ray